Heap Solutions Mining Services

Heap Solutions mining services can be applied to a broad range of activities from exploration and heap leach optimization to mitigating environmental challenges such as acid rock drainage (ARD), seeps, and groundwater issues. The offsite flow of mining liquids via subsurface pathways may form seeps and drainage channels, thus causing environmental degradation by mine impacted waters that will need to be defined for remediation. These targets are perfect for mapping via electrical resistivity, induced polarization, or other electromagnetic geophysical techniques.

In addition to our work on rock piles, HGI offers a variety of other services that are applicable to mining. We have created separate webpage resources that describe these services, listed below. Most are geophysical in nature, but we also offer analytical expertise for metallurgical monitoring, drilling support, well design, leak detection, investigation of acid rock drainage, and enhanced metal recovery.


In addition to our work on engineered rock piles, we have a number of other mining related services – See below.


HGI offers a wide variety of geophysical mining services to characterize complex subsurface conditions to help with heaps and the environment.

Geophysical Mapping

hydroGEOPHYSICS provides a wide array of mining geophysics for subsurface characterization.

Optimized recovery mining services for monitoring metallurgical conditions of heaps is a signature service of hydroGEOPHYSICS

Metallurgical Monitoring

HGI has a robust monitoring program to understand conditions inside your heap.

HGI designs enhanced metal recovery mining services for specialized injection and monitoring wells used in the mining industry

Well Design Services

HGI designs and installs injection wells and monitoring wells for enhanced metal recovery.

Combined with well design, HGI can help install and log wells important for mining operations - Heap Solution mining services

Drilling Support

HGI supports drilling operations by logging cores and ensuring proper well installation

hydrogeophysics offers long term monitoring options towards hydrological assurance monitoring to reduce risk and increase safety for containment facilities

Assurance Monitoring

HGI offers long term hydrological assurance monitoring to reduce risk and increase safety for containment facilities.

hydrogeophysics maps acid rock drainage source location, fluid flow pathways, and plume extent with electrical resistivity to optimize remediation efforts at mine sites - Heap Solutions mining services

Acid Rock Drainage

HGI has two decades of experience in mapping ARD sources and plumes

hydroGEOPHYSICS has developed specialized instrumentation and data processing software to enhance our leak detection capabilities using resistivity-based systems

Pond Leak Detection

HGI is the world expert for finding difficult leaks in containment systems

HGI offers world leading mining services for enhanced metal recovery and secondary metal recovery on gold, copper, and silver mines.

Enhanced Recovery

HGI has developed proven methods for metal inventory reduction in heaps.

hydroGEOPHYSICS offers utility scans and pipe location services for mining and industrial sites.

Site Clearance

HGI offers geophysical site clearance for utilities and pipes can reduce risk before digging or trenching.