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Heap Solutions

A hydroGEOPHYSICS Service
HeapSolutions is a hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc. (HGI) service and mining-related resource designed to help mine operators, leaching supervisors, and metallurgists understand available geophysical and hydrogeological technologies for heap leach characterization, monitoring, and mapping of engineered structures. HeapSolutions is a hands-on, data-driven, and solutions-oriented service, designed to ensure the future of your resource is secure and operating optimally.


Our success in the mining industry is built upon the application of hydrogeological and geophysical principles as an integral part of understanding heap operations.

Geotection staged on a gold heap leach pad in preparation for an enhanced metal recovery project to monitor subsurface injections - Heap Solutions A Service of hydroGEOPHYSICS

HGI has an extensive work history within the mining industry; we use a suite of tools and technologies dedicated specifically to mining geophysics and hydrometallurgy. Our surveys enhance the understanding of the dynamic and complex processes that occur in heap leach operations. HeapSolutions applies HGI’s unique experience and knowledge in mining – our technologies can track solution movement within large earth-engineered structures, as well as provide key hydrologic and metallurgic information used to reduce reagent costs, lower water usage, decrease slope failure risk, and, most importantly, enhance metal recovery.


HGI is a leader in the development of data acquisition technology that provides real-time information for heap leach characterization and enhanced metal recovery.


HGI’s services combine mining geophysics and hydrometallurgical-based technologies to provide greater understanding of the subsurface. For example, we use electrical resistivity geophysics to track solution movement in heap leach pads, and to provide geochemical mapping of substrates flowing downstream from tailings dams, or heat generation and acid rock drainage in waste rock piles. When combined with hydrogeological principles, these complimentary datasets guide us toward a more coherent conceptual model of the engineered structure.


Copper heap leach characterization with electrical resistivity, part of HGI’s technology to help unlock additional metal from difficult ore.

A Competitive Advantage

The choice to use HGI on your next project is clear: we have the technology, experience, and knowledge to help solve problems encountered in the mining industry today. You will be impressed by our field work expertise, detailed analysis, and accurate interpretation of complex subsurface scenarios. For decades, HGI has provided high valued services in the mining geophysics sector, and we continue to advance field and technological efficiencies that make us an unparalleled option.

Heap Characterization

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Low Pressure Injection

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High Pressure Injection

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Our mining services can be applied to a broad range of activities from exploration and heap leach optimization to mitigating environmental challenges. 
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