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HeapSolutions is a hydroGEOPHYSICS, Inc. (HGI) service and mining-related resource designed to help mine operators, leaching supervisors, and metallurgists understand technologies that are available to characterize and monitor heaps. 


HGI has an extensive work history within the mining industry and has developed a suite of tools and methodologies that can map and track solution movement within large earth engineered structures. These technologies promote a greater understanding of the dynamic and complex hydrologic processes that occur in heap leach mining operations. HeapSolutions offers a unique set of tools and knowledge that help reduce reagent costs, lower water usage, decrease slope failure risk, and most importantly increase mineral extraction.

Heapsolutions success in this industry has relied on one guiding belief: the application of hydrogeological principles is an integral part of mineral extraction.

If the lixiviant cannot reach its intended target due to low permeable structures, efficiency suffers, and the PLS solution grade will be low.  HGI has the experience and technologies to find those structures easily and affordably using noninvasive geophysical methods at the surface of the stockpile.

HGI is a leader in the development of data acquisition technology that provides real-time information at a competitive cost.

Our GeotectionTM System is the fastest monitoring system available, allowing real-time tracking of solution flow and fluid injections.  We use wireless temperature sensing systems to understand the biological health of oxidizing conditions or for following convective movement of air as the system naturally breathes. The latest addition is the Mobile Solutions Laboratory, a field-based geochemistry wet-lab that provides real-time data on soil or water samples at active sampling locations.


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